Always be grateful where you are to where you are going. Be grateful of who you are and what you have within. No one is perfect, embrace your imperfection. Be yourself and be honest to yourself. Enjoy where you are to where you are going and Never give up on your dreams nor quit. No condition is permanent, The trials, test and tribulations, challenges and storms are for a moment, no matter how long, it’s the preparation to your breakthrough, victory and success. There is time for everything and your time will come. It takes patience and prayer, determination and diligence to win the battles of life. It matters what you do at the crossroad and in your waiting. It matters what you do when no one is there watching you and what you are experiencing, what you do in the secret or closed door at the edge of your breakthrough matters. It matters either to run from adversity, challenges or stay and face it and trust God. It requires obedience and discipline, staying on positive side and belief in possibility and speaking it to yourself until it manifest and you overcome. Truly, it is possible and Yes You Can #ElizabethLucas #Elizabeth Lucas Inspiration #Yes You Can https://www.instagram.com/p/B-niCdwJjN1/?igshid=1g7x490hs68eb


Keep focus on your calling Focus on God’s purpose for your life Work on your assignment Keep the dream and vision alive Don’t be distracted Don’t compromise Don’t copy others You are unique You are original Be yourself and be happy Be yourself and be stress free Be yourself and have peace Be yourself and be fulfilled You will be rewarded You will be honoured You will be noticed You will be celebrated Stay focus #elizabethlucasinspiration #yesyoucan #elizabethlucas #mindset https://www.instagram.com/p/B-rRi-8pZDp/?igshid=1oesimxdd94zk


Yes You can


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Be happier you

All things are possible

Yes you can

Elizabeth Lucas Inspiration


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Yes I Can

Yes I can perform
Yes I can do it
Yes I can have it
Yes I can be it
Yes I can achieve it
Yes I can complete it
Yes I can perfect it
Yes I can finish it
Yes I can relate
Yes I can be healed
Yes I can conceive
Yes I can have my own child
Yes I can carry my own baby
Yes I can eat the fruit of my labour
Yes I can live long to see my children’s children
Yes I can be a good wife
Yes I can be a caring mother
Yes I can love again
Yes I can be free
Yes I can have my LIBERTY
Yes I can be submissive
Yes I can be respectful
Yes I can understand
Yes I can forgive
Yes I can be empowered
Yes I can develop
Yes I can succeed
Yes I can create wealth
Yes I can have more money
Yes I can change my mindset
Yes I can transform my life
Yes I can change
Yes I can adapt to change
Yes I can become
Yes I can be fulfilled
Yes I can build my home
Yes I can build deeper relationship
Yes I can be happy
Yes I can inspire others
Yes I can go after what I want and get it
Yes I can take up anything and improve it
Yes I can take any situation, turn it around and make it work for me
For all things work together to them that believe, so I believe it.
Yes You Can by Elizabeth Lucas


Relationship Matters

Relationship matters
R – Recognise and celebrate your differences and similarity, strength and weaknesses
E – Endure, express yourself to one another and encourage
L – Love and Listen
A- Acknowledge and appreciate, affirm and admit your mistakes
T – Trust
I – Identify potentials and gifts and inspire one another
O – Observe and overcome obstacles
N -Nurture your love and relationship
S – Submit, selfless, sacrifice and stay faithful
H – Have Hope that something is going to get better and believe it is possible
I – Integrity and be honest
P – Pardon or forgive and forget and stay strong
With God all things are possible and there is nothing too difficult for God of the Universe to do.
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This is the time!

This is the moment of refreshing, re-evaluating, rejoicing, rewarding, restoring, relaxing, renewing, revisiting, revival, revolutionising, receiving, recapping, regenerating, renewing, restarting, repenting, reminding and re-invent your life for now and for the future.

It’s a New Beginning and New Dawn and New Era, victory and breakthrough has come, prayer answered, healing, restoration, miracles are manifesting, there is testimonies and celebrations, comfort and reconnection, unity and togetherness. I sense uniqueness, honesty in the air, relationship rebuilding, kindness and Love. People praying in one accord individually across the nations.

Keep calm, stay safe, raise the standard of your praise and worship to God. Get understanding and wisdom from God. Exercise your body, soul and spirit. Relax, Meditate and Trust in God. Be wise, be grateful for what God has done, what He is doing and what He will do. He is the same Yesterday, Today and Forever.