Always be grateful where you are to where you are going. Be grateful of who you are and what you have within. No one is perfect, embrace your imperfection. Be yourself and be honest to yourself. Enjoy where you are to where you are going and Never give up on your dreams nor quit. No condition is permanent, The trials, test and tribulations, challenges and storms are for a moment, no matter how long, it’s the preparation to your breakthrough, victory and success. There is time for everything and your time will come. It takes patience and prayer, determination and diligence to win the battles of life. It matters what you do at the crossroad and in your waiting. It matters what you do when no one is there watching you and what you are experiencing, what you do in the secret or closed door at the edge of your breakthrough matters. It matters either to run from adversity, challenges or stay and face it and trust God. It requires obedience and discipline, staying on positive side and belief in possibility and speaking it to yourself until it manifest and you overcome. Truly, it is possible and Yes You Can #ElizabethLucas #Elizabeth Lucas Inspiration #Yes You Can https://www.instagram.com/p/B-niCdwJjN1/?igshid=1g7x490hs68eb

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