My New Book – YES YOU CAN


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I believe that after reading this book, your mindset will change. You are about to make new decisions and new choices. There will be no fear induced limitations but you will begin to work towards succeeding and improving yourself, your relationships and staying happy. Through reading this book, you will learn how to be an overcomer, how to manage self, how to relate effectively personally and professionally and how to turn negative situations around into positive.

This book will also be a roadmap to help prepare and renew the mindset of our youth and to inspire and motivate them to become better people. For many years, I have been supporting and challenging our youth to take action that will turn any negative situation around. No condition is permanent and no one is perfect.  Throughout my life, I have come across people, young and old, with different issues and challenges. It led me to start writing inspirational and relationship blogs on social media. Many people have approached me saying that they have been encouraged, inspired and challenged to rise up and do something positive, to celebrate themselves and to explore what they have within and that this has opened many avenues and brought opportunities.

I want to see marriages restored, people building deeper relationships and overcoming the challenges and storms of life. I want to hear their testimonies later that their lives have changed for the better. We all make mistakes in life. However, we do not sit down and lament on it but we get up and try again. After many seminars, conferences, meetings and mentoring, I decided to add more value to my passion to support and coach in this area. My goal for this book and subsequent books is to reach as many individuals, families and our youth, to challenge, inspire, motivate, empower and transform.

—–Elizabeth Lucas-Afolalu



“Do you want to learn from the best? A person who tells you what to do or a person who is doing it and speaks from their experience? That is why any person committed to reaching the best version the Creator wants them to be would benefit from reading Yes, You Can.  Elizabeth Lucas – Afolalu speaks from a commitment to scripture and a wealth of experience with a message that grips the heart. Penetrating, yet practical; it beckons everyone to boldly embrace the call to action as a witness of the power of God. This book brings a fresh perspective to the greatest mission of all. The world needs this message, and every person needs this book.”

—– Eduardo Sena, Entrepreneur, Bob Proctor Consultant, International Speaker & Author, Unstoppable.


“A fantastic book. It not only gives hope but offers practical solutions and points you in the right direction to seek God for yourself and for your situations.”

—– Eniola Alabi, founder, Apples of Gold Creative Communications.


You can purchase both eBook and Paperback @