Yes You Can International News

Let me ask you these questions:

Do you have a Dream, a Vision or Desire?

Do you think you could become, be and do much more than you are now?

So what is stopping you?

Do you need motivation, inspiration and other resources to help you to develop persistent and winning attitude to pursue your purpose, your passion and life goals?

Do you want to develop the mindset that will push you to improve your character traits that will lead you to unlimited success in life and be happy?

The first step to getting somewhere is to decide that you’re not going to stay where you are. Keep moving, keep searching, keep riding, keep walking, keep working, keep improving, keep learning and implementing, stretch yourself to new heights, there’s no limit to how high you can go.

You deserve Happiness
You deserve Success
You deserve Healthy Relationship
You deserve to be Wealthy
You have the Gift in you and you can create.
All things are possible
And Yes You Can
Be inspired
Be empowered
Change your mindset
Transform your life and present situation.

However, Many people continue to carry their negative past experiences with them in the journeys of life and have lived lives marked with negativity, shame, hopeless, and mediocrity, disappointment, living a life of low standard, self denial, self doubt, rejection, suicidal, relationship breakdown, trying to please people and trying to be perfect, afraid of failures, a life of low self esteem, lack of confidence, bitterness, unloved, unforgiveness and allow fear to hold them back. A life that is full of I CAN’T!!!! I CANNOT!!!! I’M NOT WORTHY!!!! I AM NOT QUALIFY!!!! I CANNOT SPEAK IN PUBLIC, I CANNOT RELATE NOT ASSOCIATE WITH GREAT PEOPLE, FULL OF EXCUSES, Surrounded with negative people and being afraid to step out of their comfort zone and out of poor self-confidence and low self-esteem, allowing people’s opinion to limit and stop them, looking for approval and refuse to step out and settled for less.
This has been affecting several personal and professional lives today, pretending all is well, buried greatest gifts and talents in the sand and refused to belief in themselves.

However, I’ve turned all of these negativities to positives, l’ve turned my situation around, l’m educating myself daily, practising to become better, I’ve renewed my mindset to become better, I’ve succeeded in running different businesses, despite of all odds, adversities and challenges but overcame and became successful and creative entreprenuer, happily married and mother of two grown up wonderful children. I’ve risen from being abandoned, unloved, nothing, rejected by many, an ordinary lady/woman, Hopeless, Homeless, Helpless, less-educated, housemaid, housewife and settled for average, settled for second best, to be trained, coached, mentored, increased in knowledge up to BA Degree in Business and Management at University of Northampton UK, Author of Greatness by Greatness University UK, Inspirational Speaker and Writer. Became Secretary of the Year by Brook Sreet Bureau and School Gorvernor in UK, Mentor to many Ex-Prisioners and Students. PA/ Secretary to NHS Directors and Environmental Agency Director, Court Clerk for High Judges in Crown Court, Sales/Marketing Executive and later became Director/CEO of my own companies- Tokmez Limited, Elizabeth Kreations, Yes You Can International. I became an Inspirational and Motivational Speaker and Social Media Blogger, Co-Author of many books and later became Award-Winning Author of published books and Mentor to many Youths, Women, Children. Recognised in the Society, Community and Organisations for my supports to Charities/NGO and was awarded Inspirational and Relationship 2019 and many more awards and appointments, Interviewed by many and featured in many Media Platforms. I have not reach there yet but I am no longer be where I used to be and I have had great experiences which I drew from God’s strength, grace, principles and wisdom, I have gone through several training including personal development and used several resources such as videos, audios, books to educate, encourage, motivate and inspire myself and i’ve attended several workshops and seminars and conferences both for personal and for business. I’ve been coached and mentored by many and I’ve been disciplined and taught and coached by my one and only long term Pastor and it is time to help and support and mentor others like you too so contact me and my team and let us help you to transform your lives, relationship and fulfil your dreams on various platforms:-

Elizabeth Lucas Inspiration (Yes You Can), Yes You Can International and
Time with Dr. Elizabeth Lucas will inspire, mentor and empower YOU, Youths, Women, Children (YWC) locally and globally with divine IMPERFECT Blueprint and signatory talk for speaking engagement and mentoring and empowering which we designed and created to support You and others to have better relationship, successful in all areas, financially breakthrough, overcoming, fulfilling in life and in your purpose and dreams and be happy.

In addition
Yes You Can book by Elizaberh Lucas-Afolalu is an inspirational, informational, transformational and Motivational book for all, A Roadmap to better relationship, Mindset, Empowerment and Success.
Grab your copy today at

Yes You can
Stay Inspired and Empowered.
Elizabeth Lucas-Afolalu
Thank You

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