Relationship Matters

Relationship matters
R – Recognise and celebrate your differences and similarity, strength and weaknesses
E – Endure, express yourself to one another and encourage
L – Love and Listen
A- Acknowledge and appreciate, affirm and admit your mistakes
T – Trust
I – Identify potentials and gifts and inspire one another
O – Observe and overcome obstacles
N -Nurture your love and relationship
S – Submit, selfless, sacrifice and stay faithful
H – Have Hope that something is going to get better and believe it is possible
I – Integrity and be honest
P – Pardon or forgive and forget and stay strong
With God all things are possible and there is nothing too difficult for God of the Universe to do.
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This is the time!

This is the moment of refreshing, re-evaluating, rejoicing, rewarding, restoring, relaxing, renewing, revisiting, revival, revolutionising, receiving, recapping, regenerating, renewing, restarting, repenting, reminding and re-invent your life for now and for the future.

It’s a New Beginning and New Dawn and New Era, victory and breakthrough has come, prayer answered, healing, restoration, miracles are manifesting, there is testimonies and celebrations, comfort and reconnection, unity and togetherness. I sense uniqueness, honesty in the air, relationship rebuilding, kindness and Love. People praying in one accord individually across the nations.

Keep calm, stay safe, raise the standard of your praise and worship to God. Get understanding and wisdom from God. Exercise your body, soul and spirit. Relax, Meditate and Trust in God. Be wise, be grateful for what God has done, what He is doing and what He will do. He is the same Yesterday, Today and Forever.


Food for thought

Choose your friends wisely.

If you want to maintain your values and principles in life especially now, be careful who you call friends for many have fallen from grace because they are surrounded by compromisers who live by preference not principle.

Learn to say NO without feeling guilty! It is the language, intergrity, understanding and speaking. “How then can I do this great wickedness and sin aganst God?” In other word because of my value, I say NO! Genesis 39:9. We must maintain our value and principled life!…..


An excerpt from my latest book

LOOK inside

In life, we were taught to look outside ourselves for all the things we thought were missing from our lives, but the truth is that there is a life-force within each person. Look inside and discover yourself. Your heart and soul are a lot wiser than you think, and if you could just get into the habit of conversing with your soul—listening, trusting the one that created us—you will soon discover that all the answers you were once so desperately seeking outside yourself, are within you when you converse with your creator. You are more valuable than all the labels that have been placed on you. You are neither a finished product nor a fixed being. Who you are is constantly changing, growing, and developing. You will become new and better every day.

You should not wait for others to validate your self-worth. It is a truth that other people cannot determine how worthy and valuable you truly are. Most people have no idea how valuable they themselves are. Most people allow external things, places, people, and circumstances to determine how much they are worth, and so they judge you as being worthy or not so worthy, based on the same criteria. You should know that these things have nothing to do with your value and self-worth. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that whom you are is not enough, and that you need other people’s approval, love, and validation in order for you to feel worthy or valuable. Never allow external things, places, people, or circumstances to determine how much you’re worth, and there is no need to compare or compete with anyone or anything else. The life you are meant to create, and the person you were born to be, are unique. You are unique right from when you were created, and since your path in life is different from everybody else’s, there is no need to compare or compete with anyone or anything else.

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Elizabeth Lucas-Afolalu

An Award-Winning  Inspirational Speaker, Writer, Coach and Entrepreneur Extraordinaire.

Award winning author of the book YES YOU CAN.

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Elizabeth Lucas-Afolalu’s passions are coaching, mentoring and supporting women, young married couples and young adults. Her interests inventory and work values assessment confirm her passions. Her personality assessment shows a God loving, compassionate and very thorough person. She believes in relationships, families, friendship, success and prayer.

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As an Award-Winning Inspirational and Transformational Speaker, Writer and Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, her passion for Business led her to obtain Honours degree in Business and Management at University of Northampton, United Kingdom. She was awarded Secretary of the Year by Brook Street Bureau and Lewisham College in England. Elizabeth has worked with other organisations as Administrator, Secretary, Personal Assistant and has worked in various sectors such as Local Government Management Board, City and Guilds, Tower Hamlet Consortium, Environment Agency, Central Family Court and the NHS. She is actively involved with and supports several NGO charities. She is the Managing Director of Elizabeth Kreations Limited and Director of Tokmez Limited, both in the UK. She is the UK Chief Bureau Editor of An American Magazine – Okuns group magazine and an exceptional Author of ‘Yes, You Can’. She is married with two lovely Children.

She regularly enjoys visiting people, inspiring, motivating, coaching, mentoring and giving support where needed.

“You have to think right if you want to build more meaningful relationships, earn more money, and be a happier you.” Elizabeth Lucas-Afolalu

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