A. “Elizabeth Lucas has done a fantastic job in this book of assembling some incredibly practical insights and knowledge to help you get to a higher level of success and fulfillment in your life. After reading your book I was impressed and you certainly are in line with the content. If you are looking for a book that will help you find a better version of yourself this is the one.”                                                                                                    ——————————————————————-Douglas Vermeeren, Success trainer, Canada

B. “When it comes to inspirational and empowerment Elizabeth is a trailblazer in this area, she’s the woman for the job. She has the ability to inspire and empower many including myself. We all know how valuable time is, however, with Elizabeth’s calming disposition and passion for helping others she is able to give you enough of her time so that you are able to gain clarity. As a successful businesswoman, she is also a phenomenal mentor offering support to others where she can. Elizabeth offers her invaluable wisdom generously.”
———————-Jacqueline Francis –  AWARD WINNING SPEAKER | AUTHOR | EDUCATOR

C.  Dear Mrs Elizabeth Lucas. I would like to express my deepest appreciation for your excellent mentoring ever since  I met you. I was at the point of committing suicide when you stepped in as God’s sent,you showed me motherly love,care and supported me in prayer. You taught me how to focus on promises of God and not to be too hard on myself, to be patient as success doesn’t happen overnight, to embrace all the challenges I go through even if they seems dull and boring and most importantly, to live, I have often ignored the need for stability and balance in all aspects of my life. And this would have leave me quite empty. May God bless you Ma, You’re truly an amazing mentor and I was so lucky to have you as my mentor, I couldn’t have be what I am today without you.
Thank you Ma once again.                                                                                                                   ———————————————————–Testimonial by Mr Aderemi Adeshina Ademide – Love, Relationship & Courtship Coach and Entrepreneur


D. I saw your post yesterday on Facebook which made me realize I still could.and that’s how my spirit said i should inbox you that’s how i got to know you, I have been praying to God to make me meet just the right persons who can cause me rise up and here i am with my mentor Elizabeth. i feel different talking to you, I feel lighter as if i just put down some heavy load off my head. Thanks very much ma’am                                                            ——————————————————————————————————-KY, Cameroon Africa.


E. Thank you Elizabeth Lucas for creating such an inspirational and empowering book that is aimed at everyone, adults, children, young and old. It is a MUST buy!! (available on Amazon). Your words of wisdom in the book demonstrate your passion as an incredible role model, mother and businesswoman. We were honoured to gift your book to Ania Sagajllo as one of our lucky prize winners at our recent event – Very Well done      ——————————-Linda Attram – the founder of Inspiring Mothers in Business. UK.


F.  I just want to give a huge testimonial and recommendation to Elizabeth Lucas an incredible lady that recently become an amazing published author with the book Yes You Can . Elizabeth’s journey is an incredible journey of strength and overcoming adversity with the ability Nd the power and the strength to just keep moving forward and to keep growing . She’s also been very instrumental in helping and supporting a couple of my events during 2018 and into 2019.. She’s a lovable and incredible lady that has a deep heart and soul , that has inspirations to grow her business but above all to help people . Huge recommend to work with Elizabeth on her projects and her coaching as a lady I have enjoyed very much working with , a lady who carries the word of God , a lady who is very spiritual and indeed a very kind-hearted soul, very very difficult to find in today’s climate. Well done Elizabeth keep pushing forward and once again every single success for the future . I’m absolutely certain that you will continue to grow and we show an affinity having previously both worked and enjoyed promotional clothing, products and items and now her new book Yes You Can has been published . Read the book and get yourself booked into a session with amazing Elizabeth. Best of Luck.
—————-Bradley Chapman – Coach and Founder of Yes You Can Inspired to Achieve, UK.


G.  I’d like to give a huge testimonial to Elizabeth Lucas . She’s an amazing woman, she has been a very inspiring mentor , she’s helped me , inspired me , supported and empowered me with my projects . She has been super inspiring and empowering with my projects , with my coaching in guiding me how to go about it , with my book that I’m writing at the moment . She has in general been very supportive and empowering. I’d like to recommend Elizabeth Lucas as a mentor. Best of Luck
————————————————————Vivian Utu -Transformational Coach and Speaker.